What is a Changemaker?

There is a changemaker in each of us. Changemakers are students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni from any background, from any discipline, and from any political leaning who are working to address local and global challenges. Changemakers have a deep sense of empathy, are self-aware, approach their work with humility, are committed to the common good, engage in deep listening, and act boldly to create inclusive, resilient communities.


  • Changemakers are engaging in dialogue to better understand the struggles, obstacles and resiliency of Indigenous students to create a more inclusive community (Niitsitapi Resiliency and Empowerment Discussions);
  • Changemakers are collaborating with other post-secondaries, Calgary Economic Development, a real estate company, and community stakeholders to reimagine our downtown core and repurpose vacant office space (Vivacity);
  • Changemakers are developing friendships and co-creating narratives with seniors in our neighbourhood (This is What I Want to Tell You);
  • Changemakers are creating a sustainable university through energy renewal, conscientious land use, waste reduction, and stewardship of green spaces (Sustainability at MRU);
  • Changemakers are pursuing social and ecological change locally and globally, returning to MRU to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their networks (MRU-MacEwan Social Innovation Extension Certificate);
  • And much more.

We are creating a campus-wide culture of changemaking. The Changemaker Campus Initiative is amplifying MRU’s capacity for changemaking. We are working together across disciplines and departments to foster an environment that supports all of us to engage in changemaking. Through our teaching, learning, research, scholarship, physical spaces, mentorship, and connections to one another, we are inspired and empowered to create meaningful change in partnership with community.